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Baked Fish with Vegetables
Fish Tikka Boti
Prawn Coconut Masala
Fish Curry
Bombay Fish
Tawa Fish
Spicy Fish
Mandarin Fish
Fish Kabab
Fish Pulao
Khoya Seekh Kabab
Bihari Boti
Behari Boti (Beef Bihari BBQ)
Mutton Tikka
Grilled Kebabs
BBQ Chicken Balls Stick
Tandoori Chicken Masala
Smoked Mince
Grilled Beef/Chicken Liver
Handi Gola Kabab
Beef BBQ Sauce
Lectures delivered by:
Professor Rafiq Ahmad Akhtar
Muzaffar Warsi
Aamir Liaquat Hussain
Abdur Rauf Roofi
Fasih Uddin Soharwardi
Junaid Jamshed
Khrshid Ahmad
Waheed Zafar Qasmi
Mohammad Awais Qadri
OIC, ASEAN, SAARC, EU, IMF, World Bank, United Nations, NATO, World Foreign Offices, Millitry, Trade, and Economic Alliances and more CLICK here

Sahi Bukhari (set of 3 volume)
Imam Abu Abdullah Bin Ismail Bukhari
The most authentic sayings of
Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W. Need of
every Muslim home.

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